Midterms… only a taste of finals.

If this is any indication of my life come finals week… 
I can’t think about it. I might cry. 
I have a video editing project and a massive drawing project due on Thursday. Also on Thursday I have a Spanish test before which I must turn in three Spanish essays and a set of workbook pages. On Friday another massive art history test and that important scholarship I was talking about earlier. Oh, the life of an art major. Thankfully, my third studio class professor decided having us finish our sculptures before spring break wasn’t very realistic. My advice for any incoming freshmen: when you know what is going to be on a test, study each week leading up to the test. It’s my advice because I don’t do it. I plan to, but fail to do so. Believe me though, by test time, I wish I had logged off of whatever form of social media I was on for 15 minutes to study ahead. College is more difficult than high school, trust your teachers when they say that they are being harder on you so that college isn’t such a shock! I did, and I am so thankful! Now, if only I could get myself to study ahead… 
And now, to bed! For my mental/physical/eye health and for NARNIA!!!
It’s been a long day…


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