Back to the rat race!

I’m ba-ack!! I survived midterms and headed off for my spring break. It was wonderful but way too short! I spent a lot of time at home. It was nice. I have introverted tendencies so to be removed from the mass of people that is a college campus, was a welcome relief. My mom helped me sew a dress for Easter Sunday. I’ll post a picture after Easter, but here’s a sneak peek of the fabric that I took while I was doing some hand stitching on the inside. 
That was most of my spring break actually…
It began to snow… and snow… and snow… on Tuesday in the late afternoon and by Wednesday morning, most of the schools were canceled! Because we live in a subdivision, we don’t get plowed out very fast and it takes even longer because we live in a back corner in a culls-de-sac. In fact, this time, we weren’t plowed out until Thursday! Not the entire subdivision… just our little section. 
I don’t understand it.
But we could leave if it was necessary. My dad had to go to work and managed to drive over all of the snow in his car. Go, dad!
One day I returned to my highs school and gave a presentation for two of the art classes. It was really neat to go back and see a few of my teachers and friends but also really strange. 
I spent two days shopping – once with my sister and the other with my mom. And one evening hanging out with a friend from high school. We hit up the new (or just renovated) Chinese restaurant in town and then rented Breaking Dawn Part 2 from Redbox.
I’m a bit ashamed to say that I wanted to see it but I hadn’t seen either parts and I’ve seen all of the other films. I couldn’t not see all of them. However, we weren’t able to get part 1. So now I still haven’t seen all of the films. Nevertheless, I must say that aside from the creepy animated baby faces, the movies have improved over the years. While K. Stewart still drives me crazy, her pained faces actually had a place in the plot. The introduction of the different vampires helped a lot. Benjamin was a great addition.   The Amazon women were creepy! And I think that the actor playing Aro probably had way too much fun. Also, the credits were probably my favorite part or maybe, the weird thing they did with Alice’s vision at the end. I was sooo upset and my friend just let me believe all these main characters were dying! …meanie. 😉
Also! I was able to catch Oz the Great and Powerful!! My plans fell through and my mom felt bad for me so we went to see it together. It was amazing and I’ll post a review tomorrow!!
8 more weeks of school! Crazy! Also… 16 more figure drawing classes! I think I’ll count down that way… 
Finishing Strong!!

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