Come on Pearls: Finding Hope for Spring

Today (er… yesterday? it’s past midnight) is the first day of spring. It’s a good thing, right? Or maybe not… I don’t think the weather got the memo.

I’m not surprised, just frustrated. Growing up in Indiana, you learn that March weather has mood swings. If you’re considered moving here, come for a visit in March. It’s supposed to snow tomorrow. Being on a college campus doesn’t make it any more bearable. I have to walk everywhere. On Tuesday, by the time I got to my first class, my ears and face hurt really bad! I’m really excited for spring for multiple reasons:

  • I don’t have to wear socks every day (flip-flops)
  • I don’t have to wear a coat
  • I don’t have to “layer up”
  • It means that the semester is almost over (I’m getting burned out)
But I’m also sad because my friend Olivia is transfering to a different school as well as other friends and as it warms up, it will be a reminder that our time is running out. Also, it means that time has really flown! I can’t believe that my first year in college is almost over!
But as I think about wishing spring into existence, I repeat this phrase over and over:

Come on, spring!

I apologize if that is a comma splice. Let me know and I’ll fix it…

That is a sorta-kinda reference to Covergirl (1944) a movie staring Rita Hayworth. Gene Kelly and Phil Silvers. In the movie, Rusty Parker (Hayworth), Danny McGuire, and Genius (Silvers) work at a night club in Brooklyn (which Danny owns). Every Friday night they go to a diner and order oysters, do a little “wave” over them and say “Come on, pearls!” They open the oysters, looking for a pearl, and leave. They don’t order oysters because they like them:

Rusty Parker: Oh, how I hate oysters!  

Genius: Ain’t they repulsive? 

But because:

Danny: See Joe, the night we find the pearl; that’ll be it. It’ll be like an omen, see.  

Genius: Yeah that’ll be the time that things start great for all three of us. 

They don’t find a pearl, but… well, just watch the scene here:

Even though when the sun is shining and the temperature reaches a balmy 40 degrees I feel happier, I shouldn’t let the gloomy weather keep me down. Because in humidity of July, I might be wishing for some snow!  And just keep in mind Proverbs 17:22: A cheerful heart is good medicine,

    but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.
If you’re interested in watching the entire film it’s on YouTube here. Watching old movie musicals really lifts my spirits especially if Gene Kelly is in them. The man is built like an athlete but so incredibly graceful.

I wish I knew how to tap dance.

Make Way for Tomorrow

Let's keep on singing,
"Make way for tomorrow!"
The sun is bringing a new day tomorrow
Don't let the clouds get you down
Show me a smile, not a frown
Stand up and win! Turn about!
Don't give in! Let's give out!
To the blues just refuse to surrender
One smile and you are a true solid sender
What if it rains and it pours?
It only rains out of doors!
Let every frown disappear
And you'll find that tomorrow's here!

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