New Girl (cont.)

Before I went to college, I would not have thought this was art:

Marcel Duchamp, Fountain (1917)

And while I’m not saying this is something I would choose display somewhere in my house, but I “get” it. I’ve learned to look for the conceptual in what a piece is saying. I’m not good at finding it, and it makes the most sense when my professors explain it to me, but I’m learning that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover (or a piece of art by it’s content). Sometimes art is more than just something pretty to look at… and sometimes it is, but I’ve learned it’s important to look for what it might be trying to say. If you’re confused by a piece, it’s probably trying to talk to you.

And soon it’ll be time to move out of DeHority Hall and move back home and as excited as I am for what all lies ahead of me this summer, it could prove to have its interesting moments as I try to integrate who I once was, with who I am now


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