First Day Fashion Jitters

Throughout elementary, junior high, and high school, the biggest question (or close to it) at the beginning of the school year has been “What do I wear?”

Well this year, I decided to go boldly where I had never gone before. A bright pink 1980s shirt complete with gold buttons and shoulder pads tucked into cuffed skinny jeans. It was a find that I wore in my role as Shelby in Steel Magnolias this summer. (More on that to come at a later date).

Excuse the instagram filter, the shirt is much brighter than it appears. I think it was a risk worth taking. As I was headed to my classes yesterday morning, I was more nervous about my shirt than my classes!
Classes went well… I only had two and they both let out very early. Today I started my day out with General Psychology with a very entertaining professor and Spanish with a professor new to the BSU campus. Only two more classes to try! Painting 1 in about an hour and then my evening class tomorrow  night. 


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