Children’s Museum Fun!

This past Sunday my friends and I headed down to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. On Sunday’s for the month of September, students are free with their I.D’s. So of course we had to go!

If you’ve never gotten a chance to visit, I highly recommend it! I had been before but not since I was knee-high to a grasshopper so I was very excited! 
Very, very excited!

Usually, I’m living in a world that’s just a little bit too big for me, but here things were frequently much too low for me! It was a wonderful thing. Still, that didn’t stop me from climbing in places meant for children…
In the center of the museum is a large Chihuly blown glass sculpture resting on a floor/ceiling of blown glass objects. As an art major geek… I got a bit giddy. On the floor below it where the glass floor becomes a ceiling, is a rotating seat so that you can lie on it and view the glass above you.  Very cool. 
My friend from the University of Indianapolis came and met us there!

There was an amazing Egypt exhibit (actually, they had an ancient Egypt and a modern Egypt exhibit)
There were dress-up clothes in many of the exhibits 🙂
The other amazing exhibit I loved was the Avatar exhibit. They had many different props from the film and really amazing interactive technology … spots. They had a massive pair of boots attached to the floor that had the backs cut out so you could “try” them on:
Maybe just a tad big? Eh? 
I’m not trying to be dramatic… but it really is a phenomenal museum!

Farewell for now!


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