VoxBox Review: Tide Pods

I received a Tide Pods sample in my Varsity VoxBox a few weeks ago to review. So, here goes!!

2013-10-11 14.17.39


Initial thoughts:

  • Size: They’re a lot bigger than I thought they would be. Nonetheless, it was hard to figure out how just that much detergent was big enough to clean any size load of laundry.



  •  It’s squishy. Enough said. 



So into the laundry it went. We don’t have high efficiency machines in my dorm this year so  I just tossed it into the bottom of the drum and piled my clothes on top of it.

IMG_1229 IMG_1230I put in my $1.25, set it for normal and cold water and let it do its miracle dissolving thing. 


It dissolved! That was my biggest concern. I didn’t want to find a little sticky, gunky plastic thing clinging to my laundry. All of my clothes smelled really good and felt just as clean as if I had used my liquid detergent. I know that I was a bit skeptical about the size of it compared to the size of my load but everything seemed fresh and clean! 

As a college student living on campus, I would purchase these. They would make doing laundry a lot more simple. Instead of lugging my detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets down to the laundry room, I could grab two of these and my dryer sheets and I’d be good to go! Price wise, buying liquid or powder detergent is probably more effective but since I don’t do laundry very much in the dorms, (because it’s so gosh dang expensive) the smallest pack (16 count) would last me a year. (I do laundry about once a month and make two loads). But next year I’m moving off-campus and I’ll have a washer/dryer unit in my apartment. I plan on taking advantage of that and I’ll be doing laundry more often so a pack of 16 wouldn’t last me very long. Also, since I will be able to do smaller loads as necessary, I wouldn’t want to waste one on just a few things. 

For dorm living or laundry-inept people they’re a good investment. For savvy savers, not so much.


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