My Castle of Single-dom

As February draws near — bringing with it the inevitable doom of Valentines Day (well, I still like it. Single or not.) posts about single-dom will begin to show up. Along with the posts of cheap date ideas, how to rekindle your flame, and so on and so forth.

In truth, every time a new blog post about being single goes viral, I kind of want to punch something. And yet, here I go writing one. While the idea has been on my mind for awhile, I’ve been spurred on my my dream/nightmare last night… I was sent on a blind date… with someone who was equally unenthusiastic. Why the sudden influx of blog posts? Have I just grown up enough to notice them? Are people just now becoming vocal about it?

Relevant Magazine is perhaps responsible for most of the posts I see on the World Wide Web and while they’re intent is usually always good, it seems to be repetitive. As my friend Morgen said:

…I’ve kind of sworn off blog posts because I’m tired of advice and the voices I hear already are quite enough without wading through even more well-intended opinions.

I never knew I was supposed to be upset by being single until so many articles told me I wasn’t suppose to be upset but rather focus on x, y, or z… with my spare time. What spare time? I can barely handle the schedule I have now! Throw in a significant other and I’m toast.

I’ve been happily single for 19 years and holding. Sure, I’ve received flack from my friends for being single (enough to cause tears). Some coworkers have seemed baffled at my lack of a boyfriend. They seem surprised. That makes me feel like I’m “common” enough — anyone should be willing to date me. The adults at my church (parental age and older) are relieved to find out that I’m not dating so young. (Not that I see nothing wrong with marrying young… for certain people. One of my besties was married this summer at 19. They were ready.)

To be completely honest here in the blogosphere, it’s not like I’ve never thought about being in a relationship. There’s always the little voice in the back of my head that occasionally wakes up and wonders if I’m just not good enough.

In truth, I know I’m not ready yet. I’ve still got growing up to do. I can look back over just the first year of college and I’m amazed the ways I’ve changed both spiritually and emotionally. But now, I prefer to spend my Friday and Saturday nights with Mo and Mal watching Finding Nemo and The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Maybe I’m not old enough yet to receive the true form of negative comments for being single. But in the meantime I’m in no rush. This is a fabulous time of life and I’m going to enjoy every minute.

I’ve joked to my friend Emily over Christmas break that if we’re gonna double date for New Years Eve this year (if her boyfriend is around) she’ll have to set me up with someone.  Because I’ll keep an eye out for someone, but I’m not slowing down or stopping to go man-hunting. He’s gonna have to run to catch up to me because this girl is on fire. There is a big, wide, world out there… and I’m on my way.

P.S. Before I get any responses about waiting for “THE ONE” I’ll stop you and say I don’t believe in him. Despite my highly romantic nature and daydreaming… I agree with Mark Gungor on this one (listen to his podcasts, they’re amazing!!). Nowhere does it say that GOD has one special someone out there. He only told two people who to marry in the bible. Hosea, He wasn’t overly specific with that one, and Joseph, but he was already engaged to Mary. I’ll try to track down that podcast and share it on here.


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