A Midwinter’s Tale: Summer

Recently I watched A Little Princess (1995) and felt that the story echoes my relationship with summer. Buckle your seat belts, it may be a bumpy ride!

Summer is great. You’re happy, it’s warm and it’s great to be alive.


But then autumn comes. It’s a bit colder but not too bad. You still feel like summer loves you.


Then something tragic happens… it freezes.


Sometimes you think it’s beautiful.


And once in a while, it warms up a bit and you remember what used to be.


Then it just becomes to much! You can’t handle it anymore!


But spring comes and you cling to it… hoping… that the weather will remember what it should be doing.


And finally it does! Tears of happiness and relief are shed!


Summer has returned and all is right with the world.



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