Boy Bands

This boy band comeback… And I mean comeback. Boy bands haven’t just started in the past two decades or so… Take a look back:

The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Osmonds, The Monkees, Jackson 5, New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men, Hanson, ‘N SYNC, The Backstreet Boys, Jonas Brothers, One Direction, The Wanted.

I’m not sure when this latest craze all started but I blame the Jonas Brothers.

I’m a nineties baby. (Note: not a nineties child) And my exposure to boy bands was limited to Christian ones. There was DC Talk. I still know the entire rap from “That Kinda Girl.” Also in need of recognition are the Newsboys. Although I think they’re still together? Maybe? But the sound that the “secular” boy bands produced was truly captured by the real winner in this line up: Plus One.


Don’t remember them? Let me give you a hand:

I recently rediscovered them whilst cleaning out my iTunes. And I got to thinking… when is this going to happen again? A Christian alternative for (most likely) girls. Mostly I’d find it amusing but I actually have found myself rewriting the titles (only) to One Direction and The Wanted songs for an imaginary “Christian Boy Band.” Just like the Backstreet Boys allowed us to have the Frontstreet Boys:

His Direction (One Direction):
He Made You Beautiful (That’s What Makes You Beautiful)
You Wrote the Story of My Life  (Story of my Life)
Best Love Ever (Best Song Ever)
One Name (One Thing)
One Way, Not Another (One Way or Another)
More Than I Know (More Than This)
Gotta Be You (not rewritten, because it works already)
Hold My Heart (Stole My Heart)
I Pray (I Wish)
Saved By You Tonight (Save You Tonight)
Forgiven Again (Over Again)

You’re Wanted (The Wanted):
Glad You Came (no need for a rewrite)
Walks with Jesus (Walks like Rihanna)
Chasing the Son (Chasing the Sun)
Show Me Your Love (Show Me Love)
You Found Me (I Found You)
Heaven and Hell (High and Low)
Angels (Demons)
Until Everybody Knows (Everybody Knows)
Fix Me (Fix You)
Replace My Heart (Replace Your Heart)
You are My Strength (I’ll Be Your Strength)

22 songs. That’s two CDs!


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