Influentser: UniVoxBox


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve been away for awhile and now I’m returning with… a review?


The harsh reality of time at the end of the semester, ya’ll.
I received the Uni Vox Box from Influentser with 6 different products for testing and reviews. While I did receive these products at no cost, the reviews are my own and were not swayed by this.

1. Red Rose Real Tea in Blackcurrant Raspberry


I wanted to like this a lot. The flavor got my attention right away Blackcurrant Raspberry just sounded so good! But this “water enhancer” let me down just like the ones I have tried before it. It’s the taste of artificial sweetener. I don’t know if I’m just crazy, but I have sensitive taste buds when it comes to artificial sweeteners. The sweeteners are listed in the following order: Cane Sugar….Honey, Sucralose. Even at the end of the list I can taste it. It ruins most flavored water brands for me as well.

Did I like it: No

Would I buy it again: No


2. New York Color Expert Last Lip Color in Forever Fuchsia


I love this so much! Initially I thought there was no way in the world I could ever wear such a vibrant pink, but I’ve worn it twice now and I absolutely love it! It lasts pretty well. I can’t tell you specifically how long, but… long. And it smells like bubblegum. Not strongly just a bit. It’s a bit of a eye catcher too, I notice people looking at me when I wear this…. almost like my lips are glowing. I’ve gotten nice complements on it as well as a “Are you wearing makeup?” “Yes…?” “It looks good.” “Thank you?” “You don’t usually wear….” “Hot pink lipstick?”

2014-04-03 12.31.17
Do I like it: Yes
Will I buy it again: Maybe!
Will I buy more from this line: Probably not, I’m more of a Revlon/Maybelline lippy girl

3. Pilot Acroball


I love office supplies. Just as much as I love new art supplies and new makeup. I enjoy going to Staples like it’s Michaels or Hobby Lobby. So I got very excited to see a new pen in my VoxBox!! (I’m odd, I know) I’ve been using this in my planner every day since it came in the mail and I can’t really say anything bad about it! It has the nice smooth writing I’ve come to expect from Pilot pens. Pilot G-2 pens were the way to go in high school. I still like them, but get a bit annoyed when I write too fast for the ink to dry. The acroball ink flows smoothly like the G-2 pens but without the smearing issue.

Do I like it: YES!
Will I buy it again: Most likely… especially if more ink colors come out


4. Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse



Hands down my favorite product in the box. I’ve had my eye on this since it hit stores this year. I was delighted to find one in my box. The mousse texture reminds me of Revlon’s Mineral Mousse that has since been discontinued. It’s a medium to full coverage foundation and buildable. I tend to apply it and then add a bit extra on top of blemishes and my red nose. I started using my fingers to apply it and they worked fine but I recently purchased Sonia Kashuk’s No.212 foundation brush and I really like that too. I have it in 103 True Ivory and IT MATCHES PERFECTLY. I don’t understand. I have an incredibly oily t-zone and I apply this with a light dusting of my Physicians formula redness correcting powder to set it and it’ll last close to 7 or 8 hours before my face feels like oil is oozing. What. I also love how well it covers my blemishes! I’ve been using pretty light coverages foundations this year and have needed to use concealers as well but this just does the job for me!


Will I buy it again: No doubt about it.

5. Broadway Nails imPRESS Manicures



Confession time… I haven’t tried these yet. I probably won’t. I don’t like fake nails, never have. My nails grow long and strong and I’ve never needed to get fake nails. I’ve only gotten a professional manicure once… for my sister’s wedding. Also, the neon yellow, pink, and blue stripes with black hearts… so not my style. If I find someone who is willing to try them, I’ll let you know how they work out.

4. Playtex Tampons


Because of my strange body chemistry, I have not been able to try these yet. It would probably be faster if I let someone else try them out. I’ll get back to you on that.


That’s a wrap!
Kelly xx



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