Influenster Review: Venus Snap with Embrace

Note: I received this product through Influenster for testing and review


This a good razor but that’s just the blade. I usually use Bic Soleil disposable razors and I much prefer the longer handle. It’s cute and I can throw it in a bag, that’s great. If I used those blades for my regular razor, it’d be okay because then I didn’t have to spend $$ on razors for something I only use occasionally. The case is neat, but I don’t like that there are holes in it. If I toss a wet razor into my purse, I don’t want any dampness to leak out. I’ve had airlines break my disposable razors and just snap the heads off or else they go missing. (Yes, in checked bags). The perk to this razor is that I can take the blade off already but it would be cheaper when I get to my destination to just purchase a single disposable for the duration of the trip than a pack of razors that might go missing in my bag. If I had a non disposable razor, I wouldn’t want to carry that back and forth with me, but I don’t. So I just toss a new disposable in a bag (Mine have little caps over the blades) and go. It’s good enough for me.

Do I like it: Meh, I don’t see the point.
Will I buy it again: In this case it’s razors, and probably not unless strictly necessary.
Will I buy more from this line: I might check out their disposable razors and see if I want to switch brands



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