Blow-Dry Bars

New haircut!! And no picture?? I’ve been home alone most of the day so I didn’t really have someone to take it for me. And hair selfless are not one of my skills. It’s nothing drastic… I haven’t had a haircut in (almost) 2 years. I’ve just been growing it out after I trimmed it into a chin length bob right before I headed to college my freshman year. My mom took some scissors to it once, just to trim off the remaining evidence of the angled cut along the bottom. But other than that… So I’ve got some nice choppy layers now!

But that’s not the point of this post… oh no. The point is the wonderful feeling you get after you have your hair professionally washed, dried, and styled. I honestly, would pay for that. IT’S SO SOFT! I feel like I have kitten on my head. Visiting Drybar is now on my bucket list.

Some women like to get their nails done, but I would like to get my hair done. I can do my own manicure… a “proper” blow-dry?… that’s much harder for me to accomplish!


They host parties too… how cool is that?!


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