10 Things: You Need in College



College shopping is upon us! My mom, sister, and I went out yesterday to pick up a few things because this year I’m living in an apartment instead of the dorms! (Can I get a “Thank goodness!”?) But after two years living the dorm room life, I thought I’d share some of my “knowledge”. Whatever that may amount to… So here are 10 Things (I think) You Need in College.


1. Over the door hooks. I should probably give my sister the credit on this one, she’s the one who made me buy it before I went to school my freshman year. This came in handy in so many ways! It held two girl’s collection of coats and jackets (we amassed a surprising amount throughout the year) and our umbrellas. “Coats and umbrellas?” you ask. “So what?” No, you don’t get it… where else are you going to put them? We head to school still basking in the summer sun and give no thought to the rain and snow that is in our future. I would never have thought about where to keep those things. Umbrellas get lost and there’s definitely no room for coats in those tiny and scrawny little closets! Get one of these. Case closed.

2. Extension cords. Christmas lights? Coffee maker? TV? Lamp? You’ll need one. Or several.

3. Sturdy umbrella. When you have to walk across campus in torrential downpours to give a presentation you do not want to be caught with your $5.00 umbrella blowing inside out. I carried an umbrella with me all day when the forecast was calling for rain… a lot of times, it didn’t actually rain. Indiana weather, what can I say? But you won’t always have a great roommate who will bring you your umbrella because it started raining while you were working in the studio late at night. Better safe than sorry.

4. Shower shoes & towels. Shower shoes. Trust me. Towels: you really only need two. Reuse your towel (you’re clean when you use it) you might even only need one depending on your laundry schedule but it’s handy to have an extra one. Towels take up a lot of room don’t take more than you need.

5. A warm coat. Sure, if you just graduated, you were able to miss many days of school during the Snowpocalypse. However, those of us living on a campus were not that fortunate. We only missed two days. TWO! Be prepared to go to class (NO SKIPPING). That cute little peacoat you wore through high school won’t cut it. You’re not just running from the car to the building anymore.

6. An extra blanket. When you’re camping out for Oprah tickets, you’ll probably need several blankets to keep warm. If you take a nap on the futon, you’ll probably want a blanket. Outdoor movie on the quad? Bring a blanket to sit on.

7. Storage solutions. Assess what you have and purchase accordingly. I like the rubbermaid drawers. They have small ones for the desk and nice large ones too. I also purchased a hanging shoe organizer.

8. Hole punch, stapler, tape, sticky notes, paperclips. These are the kind of thing you might have lying around your house or never worried about because your teacher had some. Well not anymore. I had a professor who would dock you if your paper wasn’t stapled.

9. Air freshener. I don’t care how clean you are, you’ll need one. You don’t want your room to smell like your roommates old boots or last night’s pizza.

10. Minifridge & microwave.  What else are you going to keep last night’s pizza in? I was never sorry we made room for these.

What are some college essentials you can’t/couldn’t live without?


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