10 Things: That are Super Handy in College



Following yesterday’s post, may I present to you 10 Things: That are Super Handy in College.

1. Water bottle. Sure, water fountains are almost everywhere but it’s really nice not having to go find one every time I’m thirsty. At my university, I can walk into any dining hall and fill it up (with water) for free from the  soda fountains instead of the drinking fountains. I like that because it’s much easier than doing the tilt hold and trying to get as much water as possible into the bottle before it starts pouring out.

2. Dinnerware. Have at least one plate, bowl, knife, fork, spoon, and cup. Maybe two of each. Make sure the plate and bowl are microwave safe.

3. Indirect lighting. Because sometimes those fluorescents are just too much to handle. At least get a desk lamp incase the roommate goes to bed while you’re doing homework.

4. Paper towel. I had semi-private bathrooms so we kept our towels on hooks and there was no paper towel to dry our hands. It’s a napkin! It’s quick to grab for spills! It’s great to use to wash dishes! I used a single sheet of paper towel folded up to wash dishes and let them air dry in my room. That way I didn’t have to worry about drying (or washing) a dishrag or sponge.

5. Coffee maker. Whether you make it by the pot or by the cup, if you’re a coffee/hot beverage drinker some form of a drink maker is really nice to have. I had this one from Bella Housewares. I used it more for hot water to make tea than coffee but it did both jobs nicely.

6. Futon. My bed was lofted. And if it wasn’t, I’m paranoid about people sitting near my pillow. (I put my face on that! Don’t put your butt on it!) I also wanted my body and brain to know that bed=sleeping. I also didn’t want to fall asleep while studying. We used our futon a lot. I had out of town guests so they slept on it (opened up, of course) and many movie marathons were viewed from its cushion.

7. Clorox wipes. Things happen. Things spill. Be prepared. Honestly, this should have gone on yesterday’s post.

8. Sleeping mask and earplugs. I had neither of these but my friends did and used them nightly. If you plan on going to bed first, an eye mask is great to block out your roommate’s study lights (Sorry Jasmine!) or if they’re planning on coming in late, be spared some of the lights they might turn on. Snoring roommate? Or just generally ungraceful and noisy roommate? Earplugs.

9. Fan. I was fortunate enough to live in dorms with air-conditioning both years. But if you’re not, please do yourself a favor and bring one of these along.

10. Colored pencils. Most people seem to, at some point, need colored pencils. And no one ever has any. Beat the high prices at the bookstore and pick some up during these stellar back to school sales.


What items did you find useful in college?


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