IMG_0068I’m a bit of an old soul. And while I may be a member of the generation with a need for instant gratification. I love waiting for mail. It’s so rewarding. Like a reward for being patient—something I learned I’m not very good at when I took a darkroom photography class… anyways

I love writing and receiving letters! It’s 1-part excitement of finding something in the mailbox and it’s 1 -part love of all things office supply and stationary related. It’s not  always exactly a 50/50 split… but the love is strong on both sides people.

Recently I was matched by Ali in Bloom and her Bloggers Off-Line project with a pen-pal. I sent one to her… she sent one to me… and now there is one waiting to get put in the mailbox tomorrow morning.

I’m currently writing to 2 different pen-pals already: a cousin I see very rarely and a camp friend I haven’t seen in… oh, about 6 years. But now I get to know someone only through letters!

Oh yeah, and her blog. Go check it out: Marlee and You

I’m so excited!



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