Happiness (Singing Harmony with The Holy Spirit)

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What are you doing when you are most happy?

One time, someone asked me this question. I don’t remember where or when; it may have been one those silly and awkward icebreaker settings, but I remember that the profundity of the question struck me. Although I can’t recall the context of this moment, I know exactly how I responded, because the answer is still true. 

Do you want to know the moment when I feel truly, completely, sublimely happy? (happiness as an emotion separate from the concept of joy, which is a pervasive and perpetual state of mind that I am continually working toward)

For me, it’s the moment when I am singing in, say, three-part harmony with other people, and we hit that split-second of pure perfection: each note of the chord falling into place exactly and precisely how they’re supposed to be. Three voices becoming one, transcending anything they could create…

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