Month of Sundays



Branching Out

In my last letter from my fellow blogger and pen-pal. (More on that here.) I was asked if I was a Christian, or religious. I am. I am a born-again Christian in a relationship with Jesus Christ. And I was frustrated with myself that I did not write that in my first letter to her because it is such a large part of who I am. Instead, the reason she asked was because of a post she read here. I was also frustrated because I knew that I hadn’t written that post. I had just shared it onto my blog via another blog. Why hadn’t I written my own post? No real reason that I can specify. I could reason myself in circles and I do, frequently.

Recently my pastor at the church I attend while I’m in college has said several things that have stuck with me for weeks.

Skirting the Issue

The first thing is how we have a tendency to avoid talking about it. We go to work or class on Monday and talk about our weekends but Sunday doesn’t start until afternoon. Because we don’t want to talk about where we were Sunday morning.  But why? Going to church on Sundays is such a big part of my life. I love Sundays mornings. I get so excited. Why don’t I share that with others? Sure, I’ve got my own excuses (not that they count for anything) and others have theirs. But if we believe in something so strongly we should share it with others and invite them along!

In-between Sundays

The second thing that has been sticking with me is the idea of how we live Sunday to Sunday. I know that’s not a new concept to be discussed and I’ve heard many a sermon on it throughout high school. In this case, what triggered my thinking was the Prayer series we recently finished at church. It was the idea of the frequency of our prayers. Do we set aside time each day to be in communication with God or do we only enter into that relationship on Sundays? I know I’m guilty of that. So I’m challenging myself to live everyday like it’s Sunday. I shouldn’t need a challenge, I’m aware. But I’m human just like you on the other side of the internet reading whatever this post is turning into. Just because I’m a Christian, doesn’t mean I’m perfect — which is a lie I’ve heard again and again.

Month of Sundays

I don’t want to have a relationship that is only once a week. Those can be hard to keep. I want to live my life like everyday is Sunday.




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