Who needs ’em? amiright?

Well, as I’m scrambling to finish up my coil pot for my ceramics class before next Tuesday, I thought I should share one of my biggest focus tips with you. I always like to have kind of music playing when I study or work on an art project. Normally I go on Spotify and listen to a playlist (I’ve been listening to a lot of Next to Normal and choral music lately) but something about midterms makes me need something my ears (and mind) aren’t used to hearing.

Freshman year (via pinterest) I found a website called 8tracks.com. It got me through some long hours working on projects during midterms. And I mean hours. Hours in the library followed by hours in the studio. I now fondly refer to these playlists as my (pardon my language) “Get Shit Done” playlists. I’ve edited a lot of video and painted a lot of canvases to these songs. And now they will accompany me through hours decorating a massive ceramic… vessel.

Anyways, here they are — my focus music playlists. Mostly just movie soundtracks and classical music, but there’s just something about ’em. Couldn’t get through midterms (and finals) without ’em.

Hope they’re as helpful for you as they are for me! What kind of music helps you stay focused?

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