Let’s Tour My Room!

I’ve been meaning to post about my room since I moved into my apartment in August.

Finals are next week.


I have plenty of reasons and excuses for why I kept putting it off, but if you’re here you don’t care about any of them. You probably just want to see my room. IMG_0859

So here’s my bed. (Obvious. But this is weird to write about.) I have daybed, which works, but I’m not the most fond of it. It’s really hard to make it in the morning!! And yes, I make my bed. By make I mean I toss the blankets up so their not sprawled back. But making it after I wash my sheets is also a royal pain!! My white and pastel star quilt was made by my mom from scrap fabric from the bridesmaids dresses from her wedding. The reverse side is blue with a pattern of large watercolor styled flowers. The quilt folded up at the foot of my bed is a scrap quilt my mom also made. My sheets are kind of teal with white polka dots. Too much information? Sorry. The painting is from Hobby Lobby. The “flapper” lamp was a garage sale find and the tv tray turned night stand is from my grandma’s house. My curtain is a sheer, white, and ruffly one from Target.


I loved this vintage tray that used to be in my grandma’s house. My mom used to use it for a night stand in the spare bedroom but she was kind enough to let me steal it. 🙂 I keep some necessities on it.

  • Rosebud Chapstick (Best lip balm brand. E V E R)
  • Hand and Cuticle Salve by The Naked Bee
  • Bag Balm (LOVE this stuff)
  • Eye Drops
  • My bible and various books and journals
  • A few pens
  • My alarm clock


On to my chest of drawers! It was just a 15-year-old-faux-wood laminate dresser that I painted mint green. The inside is pink! I forgot to take a photo of that 😦 And I spray painted the hardware gold. If there’s one thing I learned during that project it’s to NEVER paint laminate furniture. Ever. The mirror is from Wal-Mart. The brown bag in the corner holds my camera. I bought it on Amazon. My jewelry is held up with command hooks and I’ve tucked my drawing board and large paper pads against the wall. My closet doors are sliding mirror doors. Love them.


I like to keep my earrings in little bowls. I hang some around the edge and the rest just chill in the bottom. I should get a photo for my frame that I spray-painted with GOLD GLITTER. Yes. Gold glitter. A Woodwick candle, that like the name implies, has a wick made of… wood. And so it crackles when it burns. LOVE IT. Two perfumes one from Bath and Body and the other from Rue21. Two birds because I love birds. All resting on a doily that was crocheted by a neighbor of my mom’s from before she was married.


Here you get a nice shot of my favorite lamp. I bought two of these at the Shipshewana flea market. I absolutely L O V E them. My family thinks I’m crazy. I have some bracelets hanging around another perfume bottle and my rings reside in an old candle lid. IMG_0868

Onto my desk! In the other corner of my room I have my desk which is just a folding table. Cheap, easy to move, and will be handy even after I’m out of college. Two bookshelves and my TV, angled toward my bed. Shout out to the glitter Indiana artwork I made!


try to keep my desk clean. Just a few note pads, my computer, chapstick, and my lamp. I use washi tape to make a make shift bulletin board.


In the effort to keep my desk less cluttered, I use this bookshelf to store things that belong in a desk. I keep notebooks and folders in magazine bins, pens and pencils in a tiny bucket from the dollar bins at Target, washi tape in glass jar I found at Michaels, and my paint brushes in a glass I found at a garage sale.

IMG_0873The gold framed hymn calligraphy art on the right is from Hobby Lobby. The rest are things I’ve collected and hung up with washi tape. Postcards from friends, a card with a Monet painting on it. A photo from this summer. A signed program from when I met Eric Whitacre (Eeeep!). A few random quotes. 
IMG_0875My last bookshelf contains my dvd collection, Gilmore Girls, a few books, and my games. The bowl is one I made out of a record. Oh, and a gnome riding a snail. Because why not.

Well, that’s my room. Three cheers for you if you made it this far! What did you think? What does your college room look like?


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