Learning New Things

I’m awful with cars. Oh, I can point out a Camaro and a Corvette (my father taught me well) and get excited if I can take a ride in one. I enjoy going to cruise-ins and looking at old cars.

What I’m talking about is car care.

Beyond filling it up with gas and sweeping it out, I’m rubbish. I’m apparently also terrible at washing cars… since the one time I tried to wash my car with my dad, he rewashed everything I did.

I don’t know how to jump a car or change a tire.

But this weekend, when I went out to scrape the snow and ice off of my car, I couldn’t get my windshield wipers to work. My stomach sank. I called my dad. He said to check the fuses. After explaining to me how to find out which fuse correlated with the wipers and how to tell if it was burnt, I headed to my car.

And I couldn’t find my fuse box.

So, I headed to get groceries (with my wipers still half way up on my windshield) and came home and looked it up on youtube. I found out where the fusebox was and went back out to my car. I had to lay on my back with my head on the floor boards because the fusebox was up above and to the right of the gas/brake pedals.

My father and I figured out that the fuse wasn’t blown, but rather there was one stubborn piece of ice that I had failed to chop out.

As silly as I felt after finding out that was the problem, I feel rather empowered that I now know:

  1. Where to find my fuse box
  2. How to pull out a fuse and check it
  3. How to rearrange fuses to double check
  4. How to put everything back the way it should be

…And how to make sure you chop all of the ice from where your wipers lay


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