I’m Alive.

I swear. But I’m also crazy busy!! I’m working what boils down to three part time jobs along with my 15 credit hour class load. (plus my limited social life.) But I have a lot of great (I think so anyways!) posts planned… I just need to write them! But I always think the distance from my brain to my fingertips is very… very… long.

But quick update since I had spring break last week 🙂 The beginning of break wasn’t too eventful, I helped serve food at ReviveIndiana when it was my church’s turn and met a friend for lunch at the best soft pretzel place you will ever find: Jo Jo’s Pretzels.

Oh… and I finally took the plunge and got some bangs! (If you follow me on instagram, you already knew this)


I love them so much!! It is a lot more work than I’m used to, but I’m still in the honeymoon stage I guess!

At the end of the week, my parents and I climbed in the car and headed to Nashville, TN to visit my brother and sister-in-law. They moved there in the beginning of January and this was the first time we were able to visit!


It was so much fun!! Even if it was only one full day… and we were stuck in a 3 hour traffic jam on the way down because the south doesn’t know how to handle snow! In fact, it was up in the air whether we would be able to go or not because they were getting so much snow  – the interstate was closed! But we made it!

We had excellent pancakes for breakfast at a restaurant aptly named: The Pancake Pantry . They had 23 different kinds of pancakes and they were very delicious! My parents and I went to the Johnny Cash Museum and spent 2 hours walking around, reading, and listening. If you’ve ever been there, you know that it’s not a very big place, but if you want to see/listen to everything, you really can spend hours in there! It wasn’t really a good place to take photos, but I snagged one of Mother Maybelle Carter’s autoharp… because autoharps are cool!!

We stopped in at the GooGoo Cluster shop. I had never heard of them before! They were invented in 1912 as the world’s first combination candy bar! That’s pretty cool. A visit to one of the American Picker‘s shops was next followed by a quick stop in The Bang Candy Company Store for a marshmallow. Yes. A Whisper Creek Coffee Toffee marshmallow! 🙂

As we pulled away from that location, I looked up the address for Olan Roger’s Soda Shop… only to find out it was next door!! I was so sad I didn’t go! But I put it on the required list for next time!!

A final outing was at Centennial park to see the replica Parthenon and walk around the pond 🙂


I just got a taste of Nashville, but I’m excited to go back!



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