Friday Favorites #2



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1. A Day in the Life of Pinterest
My roommate shared this hilarious, and slightly frightening view on Pinterest as a person.

2. John Oliver on Standardized Tests
They’re ridiculous, stressful, don’t make sense, and he is hilarious.

3. The Artist (2011)
I’m in love with this movie. It’s a silent film with a wonderful score. And the main actor reminds me of Gene Kelly. (So it’s an obvious win.) Also, now I aspire to be like Peppy Miller.

4. Breaking Away (1979)
Two words: Dennis Quads. A movie about the Little 500 race that happens in Bloomington every year. Kind of? I’m a lot like Dave… and my roommate is a lot like Cyril. The tag line said “Somewhere between growing up and settling down”. It also made me feel like it represents some relationships between Muncie and Ball State students. And that’s kind of awful.

5. Emily McDowell Mug
I need this. It’s a wonderful explanation of the creative process.

6. Full Lash Bloom Mascara
You know how you buy mascara and it takes a few uses before it isn’t a clumpy mess? Yeah, this didn’t have that. It also makes my lashes feel soft and natural.


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