Friday Favorites #3

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1. Young and Hungry
This show is now on Netflix, and I might have watched the first (too many) episodes in one night. It’s funny and you find out what happened to Jesse McCartney. (I kind of forgot about him)

2. From Us, To You
My school, Ball State University, is David Letterman’s alma mater. In honor of his retirement, a group of students created this video to thank him and wise him well in the next stage of his life. I was asked to create all the signs in the video, so it’s really exciting to see my work all over campus, in the hands of the university president, and being seen by many more people.

3. Sigur Ros
Okay, they’re definitely not a new band (They’ve been around as long as I’ve been alive) but I was just introduced to them and I’m really enjoying their music.

4. Painting Letters
I love this tutorial and I’m looking forward to trying it out over Memorial Day weekend. (Three cheers for long weekends!!)

5. Peonies.
Like every other blogger on the internet 🙂 But I saw these beautiful blooms on my run across campus and I just had to take a photo. Living in an apartment and not at home has limited my flower exposure so I was very happy to take some time to smell (and instagram) the peonies.

6. Apple Mint
I love to make garden tea (or meadow tea) and my favorite kind of mint to use is Apple Mint. It’s terribly hard to find and most people haven’t heard of it. I was able to find a start at the farmer’s market last Saturday. (For $3!!) So now I’ve planted it and it’s currently living on my porch. And finger’s crossed I don’t kill it.


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