Friday Favorites #6


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1. Spotify Choral Playlist

I love listening to choral music. I find it beautiful and inspiring. I’ve compiled 3 (!!!) hours of some of my favorite choral songs into a Spotify playlist and I’ve been listening to all week. I love to listen to it when I’m working on projects. It’s appropriately named “Choir Nerd”

2. Any Way You Slice It – Kate Spade Pineapple Studs

I love pineapples. I love to eat pineapples. I love the look of pineapples. I love pineapples. And I really want these pineapple studs from Kate Spade.

3. Superstay 24 Color Lipstick in All Day Cherry

I rediscovered this lipstick in my collection and remembered why I loved it in the first place. It’s a wonderful long lasting lipstick in a great blue-toned red.

4. Peppermint Essential Oil

We just turned on our air in my apartment. (as in last night) We’ve been relying on ceiling fans, open windows, and floor fans since April. Last night, it was very humid and we decided enough was enough. But before that decision came, I diluted some peppermint essential oil in some 100% aloe vera gel and cool myself down.

5. Brackets Code Editor

I’ve been using Brackets a lot this week. I’ve used both Sublime Text and Dreamweaver in the past, but I love a lot of features of Brackets. I love how I can split the screen between my HTML and CSS. The live preview is a game changer. No more constant refreshing! Woo! (Although the live preview does stop working if you inspect an element in the browser.)

6. Leah #SheReadsTruth

My roommate sent me this article the other day. There’s a lot of good in this post.

Friends, hear this truth from God’s Word today: You are God’s masterpiece, created for a purpose (For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them Ephesians 2:10)”




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