Friday Favorites #7


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1. Inside Out

I went to see Inside Out last night and it was fabulous. I don’t want to say too much about it, but I highly recommend it. It’s thoughtful and everything you’ve come to expect from Pixar movies. I connected with Sadness a lot. My favorite line from the movie (somewhat paraphrased)


“Four years of piano lessons. Let’s get rid of everything except for ‘Chopsticks’ and ‘Heart and Soul’.”


2. Messy Bun tutorial

The longer my hair is, the hard it is to know what to do with it. A lot of hair tutorials require skills I don’t have, or my hair is 7 inches too long. (Seriously.) I also struggle with messy buns. I excited to try this tutorial when my hair is straightened. (I tried it this morning with curly hair and it didn’t work so well.)

3. Dad Bod (Bad Blood Parody)

I love parodies. I think the Dad Bod is ridiculous. It’s like a double parody.

4. Bath and Body brings back…

Bath and Body has brought back a few classic scents from the 90s. Cucumber Melon, anyone? BuzzFeed had some guys give reviews on the flash back scents and they proved what we knew all along. Cucumber Melon is the best.

5. Pixar’s Lava short

Once again, Pixar didn’t disappoint. It’s wonderfully punny and sweet.

6. You’re just my type t-shirt

I really love puns, guys. And typography. I need this shirt in my life.

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