Friday Favorites #8



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1. An Open Letter to Steph

A stranger writes a touching letter to another stranger about what a father would want to say to his daughter. People aren’t always terrible.

2. Peerless Watercolor Sheets

I love trying new art supplies and these sheets remind me of the paint-with-water coloring books I used to have. You know the ones… with the circles of color at the bottom of the page. I used to use q-tips to paint with those!!

3. Every State Flag is Wrong, and Here’s Why

Sarcasm + design. It’s great.

“Every state flag is wrong. If you don’t believe me, look at them. Here are the 50 worst.”
“Nevada was not told the correct size for the file it was supposed to upload. When asked if it wanted to change what it had sent, Nevada said, ‘Nah.'”

4. Peach Margarita

I had my first margarita last night! That’s all. Peach with salt. And I could only drink half

5. Interstellar

I’m months behind, but I finally watched Interstellar last night. It was good and I’d like to watch it again, although I asked a lot of questions. What did you think of it?

6. Confessions of a Prairie Bitch

I’m almost finished reading this book and it is very interesting!! If you were ever a fan of Little House on the Prairie, you should read this book!

photo credits: one // two // three // four // five // six


Did you have any favorites this week?


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