Friday Favorites #9


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Did you miss me? (Insert Moriarty clip) I took two weeks off from my Friday posts (one step at a time to regularity amiright? ) while I went home for vacation. That seems odd to say, “going home for vacation” in the summer. This summer has been a learning experience of what the “real world” is going to be like. I’m working full time and while I’m not looking forward to school starting again and dealing with the pressures of my senior year, I will have much more free time.

1. To wear glasses, or no?

I can get kind of feisty about movies in which the girl goes through a makeover and has to ditch her glasses. (Princess Diaries, She’s All That, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, etc.) I have worn glasses since I was in first grade and I can’t wear contacts. So until I can afford Lasik surgery, if I am a candidate, glasses I must wear. And yes, they suck. And while this video isn’t a major game changer, it does show that you can wear glasses. It’s ok. It doesn’t make you untouchable. Or maybe… you just have to be Justin Timberlake. I’ll stop now.

2. 50 reasons not to date a graphic designer

This is just a hilarious list of things that are very, very, true. Although I view them as reasons to date a graphic designer. 😉

3. Lilac Wine

Lilac is my favorite scent in the whole wide world. Followed closely by many others, but this always remains on top. (not lavendar!) It’s so fresh and springy and clean. And it’s such a short season, which makes me sad. So when I found that you can make lilac wine, I was intrigued. I will probably never make it, but if I ever find some, I will definitely be making a purchase to see what my favorite scent tastes like.

4. Dear People Who Live in Tiny Fancy Houses

So many good (and hilarious) questions about an interesting trend.

5. Modern Calligraphy Tips and Nibs

I’m always looking for recommendations for new calligraphy nibs and this blog post has quite a few listed and wonderful descriptions for each one. I only have two of the nibs she has listed (Nikko G and Gillot 1068A) so I’m excited to track down the others and give them a whirl. Also, her labeling system is amazing. It’s so hard to read the nibs sometimes and if I had enough holders, I would definitely do this.

6. N.C.I.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service

It’s on Netflix guys!!!!! And I’m thrilled to pieces and have watched wayyyy too many episodes. I used to watch this in high school, but fell out of sync when I went to college so now I’m starting from the beginning. Also. Mark Harmon as Special Agent Gibbs.

photos one // two // three // four // five // six


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