Analogies of Accepting Grace

As I read the gospels, I’m in awe of the gift we’ve been given.

Forgiveness of our sins.

Promise of eternal life.

But grasping the concept of the gift, is another matter entirely. It is so hard to understand why, with nothing in return, this has been given to us.

A story that I’m sure I’ve heard elsewhere but can’t remember. So here it is, paraphrased:

A man places some tires out by the road with a free sign upon them. There is nothing wrong with the tires, they’re just a spare set and he doesn’t need the money from selling them. He wants to help another person. They sit by the road for days, no one wants them. He replaces the free sign with one that says “Tires, $20” The next day, the tires are stolen.

I feel like this story represents our struggle with accepting grace. Nothing worth something in the human world comes free.

I love to give charity, but I don’t want to be charity. This is why I have so much trouble with grace. …you are not above the charity of God

– Donald Miller

I think this is why it is so hard to accept. Everything we know comes at a cost.

But not forgiveness.

Not the promise of eternal life.

Not grace.

We’re free.

Free to accept this gift.

To live.


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