Three (Kinda-sorta) Favorites

Summer is flying by and I seem to be busy every minute of every day! I hope your summers are going fabulously as well. 🙂

Instead of 6 Friday Favorites, today, I just have three kinda-sorta-favorites. (Or things that I think are interesting, hilarious, and need-to-get-in-my-closet.

And yes, they’re in that order.



27 Stars You Totally Forgot Were On ‘Gilmore Girls’

I love to guest star spot. So I loved this list and realized I never knew a lot of these people were ever on Gilmore Girls. The ones I was most interested in learning about were Jon Hamm (Don Draper from Mad Men and Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), Max Greenfield (Schmidt from New Girl), and Chauncey Leopardi (Squints from The Sandlot).


Beautiful Muncie Tourist Videos

Since I’ve been spending my summer in Muncie, Indiana… I thought I’d share with you these wonderful tourist videos of this fine city**

Andy Warhol Chuck Taylors

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 8.58.27 AMAnd since I’m in Muncie pursuing an art degree, here are a pair of fabulous Chuck Taylor All Stars emblazoned with Andy Warhol’s artwork. Some people don’t like Andy Warhol… but I love Pop Art. I love Warhol and Lichtenstein and the many others. I think they’re work is art.  If you want my personal drawn-out views, let’s go for coffee 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone! I’m taking some friends back home to good ‘ol Goshen for a buggy ride, soft pretzels, and the Elkhart County 4H fair.



**It’s really not that bad! And I try not to poke fun at it. People call this their home, not just college kids who move in for four years before leaving.


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