Friday Favorites #10


This past Thursday Miss Morgen and I went on an adventure in Indianapolis.

We started our day off shopping at the Keystone Mall. It’s a high budget place for two college girls but we enjoyed seeing the fancy stores. David’s Tea was a wonderful store and I made my first M.A.C. purchase. After roaming around that mall, we made a quick trip to Trader Joe’s and the Castleton Mall before heading downtown for dinner at Nine Brother’s Irish Pub. If you’re in the area, I recommend the fish and chips.

THEN came the highlight of the evening. The Oh Hellos concert at the Old National Theatre. I would drive a very long distance to see them live again because they were amazing. LOTS of dancing on stage. It was crazy. 10 people!!! 4 guitarists, 2 drummers, 1 violinist, 1 banjo player, two singers. Tyler Heath, the male vocalist played guitar also and one of the drum players also played accordion. Morgen and I got there 30 minutes before the doors open because I am short and I was not going to be standing in the back! And we didn’t. We were front and center. And it was fabulous.

During the last song, the banjo player came to the edge of the stage and told me and the guy beside me that they were going to bring some of the drums down at the end and where we were standing so we needed to help get people out of the way. So that was cool. Once they were down though, the drummer and the banjo player, their crazy dancing almost got me hit!!! *sigh* I want to go again.

The opening act was also great. It was two pieces of the band The Bikewalk, a local Indianapolis band.

Both bands are on Spotify, so go have a listen! What bands have you been listening to lately?




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