Serendipity Suggests (Friday Favorites) #11

PSA: Friday Favorites is now Serendipity Suggests! It’s a mix of two stories: Serendipity, the name we gave our apartment and Deho Recommends, an event when my roommate’s bible study put together a basket for their study leader full of things that they… recommended. If I recall correctly, Morgen recommended a pineapple. Because pineapple is the best thing in the entire world. And since Morgen frequently has opinions on what I favorite because she experienced them with me or has her on things to recommend, the new name feels more inclusive. And now I can do it on days other than Fridays.


one // two // three // four

1. Blogilates

My roommate and I have taken on the challenge to complete the Blogilates for beginners calendar. Each day has 2-3 videos that Casey has posted on YouTube. And Oh. My. Word. I’ve been interested in Pilates because it seems to be more about muscles than meditation, like yoga, which I enjoy as well. I love Casey’s videos because they’re much more fun than those pilates DVDs you can buy at the store… I’ve done some of those, they’re kind of depressing. She’s super chipper, which I thought would drive me nuts, but it’s kind of nice to have a cheerleader. Also, don’t do these in front of a mirror (My closet doors are mirrors… so it’s rough). I doubt anyone looks as graceful as she does.

Morgen says, “Ow. Thanks.”

2. Popovers

This one is Morgen’s baby: 

So, true to form, I managed to make a “foolproof” recipe not-so-foolproof when I confused the flour with the powdered sugar, but that’s just me.

Popovers are ideal for company because they look, smell, and taste impressive while requiring minimal effort. They come out of the oven golden and poofy, just like a good hair day.

I made these for a picnic the other night, and they are delicious in their simplicity. I recommend serving them with a favorite jam, and a Babybel cheese on the side (or lots of Babybel cheese on the side.)

3.  Stanley Tucci

This is a Stanley Tucci appreciation post. That is all.

4. Backs to the Future

You may have your own opinion about NPR, but whatever that is, you can’t deny that they have some interesting historical news stories. Like this one, it’s about a photography trend from the 1890s when it was popular to take your photo with your back to the camera. I think old photography trends are so interesting in this world of “duck lips” and “sparrow face”. One thing about the back trend… you can’t take a selfie like that! I searched Flickr for a photo to use, and I think this one looks kind of romantic!


Photo Credits: one // two // three // four

What have you been loving lately? Leave me a comment to check it out!



5 thoughts on “Serendipity Suggests (Friday Favorites) #11

  1. “This is a Stanley Tucci appreciation post. That is all.”

    God bless you, Kelly Miller. God bless. 🙌

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