Summer Review

Summer vacation is almost over. It’s a very bittersweet feeling. I’m very excited to go back to college for my senior year, but this means my very last summer vacation is over!! Earlier this summer, some friends and I made a summer bucket list.  I didn’t enter the summer with the expectation of finishing everything on the list, that would have been a bit intimidating. Instead I wanted to use the bucket list as a guideline for all of the fun summer adventures my friends and I could have.


  1. Take a Hike


Morgen and I took a 6 mile trek on the Cardinal Greenway. We found some neat buildings, this bridge-thing, off-roaded a bit, and had a great time.

2. Bike Rides

Morgen and I took several bike rides. We biked to work. We biked to bible study. We biked to the green area around the corner to play our ukuleles.

3. Zoozoo

Morgen and I headed up to Auburn to see Mallory over Memorial Day weekend. We took her to the Fort Wayne Children’s zoo and had a blast. Also, props to us for not tipping Mallory over in her wheelchair. Those sidewalks are not wheelchair friendly.

4. Farmer’s Market


On the weekends we were in Muncie, Morgen and I would visit the Farmer’s Market. I picked up an apple mint plant… that amazingly, is still alive

5. Bike to Ice Cream


Over the 4th, my family all biked 9 miles to go get ice cream. The ice cream place was closed, but we did get some frozen yogurt! Then we jumped on our bikes again and rode the 9 miles back home. My family will be so happy I posted this…

6. Pick Strawberries Blueberries


Instead of picking strawberries, we picked blueberries when I took Sarah and Morgen home with me. I love picking blueberries. It’s much easier than strawberries. And, because I don’t really enjoy blueberries by themselves (I like them with gluten… in oatmeal, muffins, etc.) I am a blueberry picking fiend. Together with my mom and sister, we picked 40 pounds of blueberries!



  1. Sun Tea

Morgen and I both made several batches of tea this summer. She leans toward the sun tea, while I make mine on the stove and then pour it over ice.



  1. Scandy Task (Scandalous)

I got my nose pierced!!

2. Learn the Parent Trap Handshake


I don’t know why I’ve always wanted to learn this, but I finally did!

3. Write a Letter to a Celebrity

I wrote a letter to Dick Van Dyke because he is fabulous.

4. Disposable Cameras

We’ve been using them this summer, but we haven’t filled them up yet! I’ll be sure to post some of the photos once we get them developed.

5. A New Hairstyle


It’s not new, per say, but I chopped 5 inches off!!


  1. Pop Rocks

They were strawberry flavored and they were wonderful.

2. Wedges

Wedges is a grilled cheese restaurant in Yorktown, Indiana. We took my parents there when they came down to visit.

3. Paynes


Payne’s is an odd, eclectic little place. I enjoyed their food, especially the elderflower drink I ordered. The service was lacking.

4. El Rancho Poblano


We started our summer list off by eating at El Rancho Poblano on (conveniently) May 5th (Cinco de Mayo).

5. Steak n’ Shake Breakfast


Mallory’s mom suggested we try breakfast at Steak n’ Shake, and boy, she was right. It’s good, cheap, and pretty empty in the restaurant. This photo isn’t from breakfast though, but another one of our Steak n’ Shake runs… for a Nutella milkshake!!


One other fun thing we did this summer was setting off paper lanterns for Morgen’s 21st birthday when her parents came down to celebrate!



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