Happy Thoughts


I’ve almost made it halfway through the semester, which is both relieving and terrifying as I realize what lies beyond this school year. So, I need to remind myself to think of and do happy things! Here are some things that make me happy, what makes you happy?

  1. Listening to beautiful music.
  2. Baking something yummy.
  3. Fairy lights.
  4. Ice cream.
  5. Tea.
  6. Apple Juice.
  7. Cinnamon Toast
  8. Wrapping up in a blanket like a burrito.
  9. Watching my favorite movies.
  10. Reading a “fluff” book.
  11. Painting my nails.
  12. Practicing calligraphy.
  13. Playing Piano.
  14. Talking to my friends.
  15. Spending time with my mom and sister.
  16. Riding my bike.
  17. Feeling the sunshine on my face.
  18. The smell of a fresh cup of coffee (and drinking it too!).
  19. Playing ukulele.
  20. Pineapples.
  21. Fresh flowers.

What are some of your happy things?


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