Sinking, Not Swimming.


This semester has been overwhelming. It’s the kind of school year where no matter how hard I work, the to-do list seems to continually grow. Work, classes, exams, projects, meetings, clubs, bible study. It feels like something’s gotta give. Things I want to work on: my lettering, my reading, this blog, working out. I have to push to the back burner. School and work get precedence, although I’ve had to start forcing myself to go to bed, even when my work isn’t finished.

My theme for this semester has been: “If I make it to December, I’ll be fine.”

It’s November now, I and don’t know if I can do it.

But I have to, right?

I don’t want to wish away my senior year. But sometimes I can’t help but thinking about the new kind of stability that lies ahead. I’ll lose the yearly stability of school, it’s true, but I can’t help but dream about the ability to leave work at work.

Are there any other college seniors out there? How have you been coping with this last year? Any tips?


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