New Job + New Thoughts


A lot’s happened. And the last few weeks have been kind of a blur.

I got a job working from home for a company called Foxio. I cut off a lot of my hair. The weather decided to remember it’s December in Indiana. So now it’s cold + snowy.

It’s a transition working remotely, but I do enjoy what I’m doing. It’s a small company, but it’s what I want to pursue with my career: front-end web development + design.

I accepted the position right before Thanksgiving. Not to be corny… but talk about something for which to be thankful. I began December 5th with a week on-location for job training. It was overwhelming. I still have a lot to learn, but my coworkers are great. While there, I was able to stay with a friend and meet others for dinner. Those friendly faces helped a lot.

So I’m remaining in my hometown for now. And it’s not a bad place. There’s some really good tacos, excellent bakeries, a wonderful downtown, and one of my favorite coffee shops. I’m proud of where I come from.

But still inside me there seems to be a feeling of discontent. I’m still itching to get out on my own. And I’m trying to to work with that. Having a remote job as a first position is a bit unusual, and I can’t help but feel like God has some sort of a plan in mind.

So until then, I’m trying to find how I belong here, where I am. I’ve lived through the summer and autumn with a one-foot-in-one-foot-out mentality. Though I’ve been trying to settle in, now that I know I’m staying for the time being I suppose I feel a little more committed.

I’ve found a small church/Sunday school in which I’m beginning to feel at home. I’ve helped out with an event at church… and been informed that I will be asked back. I’m making plans months ahead. Maybe I’ll start taking a yoga class…

I suppose I’m nestling for now.


New Beginnings

Sunday, June 15, 2014: Dawn suggests that I might be able to get a job working at the same store where she works.

Friday, June 20, 2014: I arrive at Birds Gotta Fly Vintage for an “interview.” I talk to Pam Hoffer and make a plan to come in the next Wednesday for my first day of work.

Friday, June 27, 2014: I turn in my 2 weeks notice at my first job — which I have held since the end of my sophomore year in high school — so I can work every day at Birds Gotta Fly Vintage.

Being offered this job, was an answer to prayer in many ways. It offers me a slight creative outlet (mixing paint colors is fun 🙂 ) that my previous job did not really allow. I have set days and hours to work instead of a schedule that shifts from week to week. Higher pay. But as much as I like new experiences and trying new things, I find great, deep comfort in routine.

Working at the same place for 4 years allowed me to go to work and just… work. Same old, same old. But I’ve forgotten the learning curve that came with that ease. But I’ve experienced it again this past week, and it’s not a feeling I enjoy. I’m excited to learn all I can so that I’m no longer feeling like a fish out of water. Thankfully I have some amazing coworkers and two adorable store dogs to help me on my journey.

But the idea of talking to my supervisor and telling her I wanted to turn in my 2 weeks notice made me so nervous I thought tears were going to run down my legs.

But I did it. I’m on to the next step of my life. And I’m oh, so excited!